Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm Back!

Don't know what to write.
suddenly felt a bit weird that I'm writing again.
like writing to my compy. I mean my computer.
but anyway my only viewer would be YOU, that's right, you, MJ. I.. guess?
haha.. so, whatever.
I don't mind how bad my grammar is or how lil' vocab my dic had.
Just happy to tell you I have my blogy life back!!
it feels like writing to myself, the future self.
when the next time I see this, I can think a lot.
maybe I should just say hell-o to the future me.. HOLA, Zorr!
You're strong! You're optimistic! You're pretty inside!
Love you! from yourself.
How irritating. Joe, don't feel sorry, maybe I'm a lil' too too isolated from sosial-ing.
Envy those who are extrovert, so having fun, many friends.
but maybe I'd likd to have MJ and Zhai as my friends that's enough.
OMG, don't think that I'm a psychopath. I'm not a write-to-my-future-self-2-friends-only-weirdy-freak.
but there's a lazy worm crawling inside me, I just don't feel like talking or doing things that are good for someone when I don't even like to do so. I'm so tired sick of doing these.
so stubborn. a lot thinks I'm a weirdo maybe, cause I look fierce when I don't do anything to my face(?) and still I don't change that.
I thought I heard someone said that my face wrote a "don't talk to me" when I'm here desperately hoping that someone would come to talk to me with a heart, if they remember to bring one!
why did I wrote so much? I thought I was just going to say hi to future me and MJ...

Thursday, May 28, 2009


This past few month happened lots lots of thing!!!
Happy =) my class is getting well together.
yesterday's class choir competition didn't get anything and my voice sounds like chicken now
but think back to the very start...
when wei yi asked everyone to participate but everyone let him 食柠檬
until yesterday everyone's so into it, I felt very happy.
we practice like for the whole day and whole week after the midterm! damn we lost
those who didn't participate in it(go to hell, joking) were very supportive too though
wei yi put the most effort and he cried(like a baby) yesterday when we didn't get anything
haha, wei yi did done a good job and work hard to get 3 zhong to bekerjasama as 3 Zhong is so always messing around very playful, 3 Zhong!! great jobbo!
AARGH!! 3 Zhong so much fun! hope we can have many goody memories together..
Kel and kei yee did took lots of picture.. will be in our website(?)..soon..
Ill put some of it MAYBE but NOT now 'cause
!!! my comp is still resting in the house !!! technical problemo !!!
so not gonna do so much things as the lazy worm in me told me so.
last Sat we did the painting activities so much fun too
and tomorrow's teacher's day gonna be fun too if everything goes well muahaha

Saturday, April 11, 2009


really busy, my laptop charger R.I.P. So,

...................New Post......................

..................Coming Soon..................

sekali gus write all next time bout this pass few month

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Outdated Photos (2)

Wo.. can't believe my photos were praised! moved. haha
but this one is more 'bout life..

me buddy so cute

last year one day trip

so romantic =X

Romeo & Julieto

XD cute.

lying on my bed, looked up, where's freedom?
(please don't misunderstood, I'm a healthy and normal person)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Outdated Photos

whoa last year didn't have the time to put up photos
holiday? too lazy.
so I'm gonna put up some of the photos..

How I wish this is the real night sky.

Found it very artistic, just outside my school.

I believed they worked hard to reach the sky

After rain

the building and the sky fits quite okay

I just took it I didn't use any effect

The Sun struggled to get out of those clouds

Thought it looked lonely.

Does it look like Bun bun's ear?

Looked like it's hopeful and willing to grow high up, but I forgot to water it one day.
My poor lil' chili.. or is it pepper(?) died that day.

nice view, take it in the hospital. Can't believe it?

My Color Plate! But I forgot what I'd drawn

Friday, October 24, 2008

My Cute Family

that sounds weird, this is me dad and all his students

I love my family.
Just a simple sentence, but shows a happy family that maybe arent together all the time but will be there to help anytime.
even so family fought for some lil tiny mini things but then the next thing you can see they're like playing together again.
nevertheless, some family have to go through so much but in the end spilt and torn into pieces, broken apart. it's like a tradegy. Everything's like drawing a big big circle and at last meet with where it started, that's what proves the thing I'd said before. nothing's fair, everything's unfair. unfairness causes every single stupid sad problems that and last it end up still unfair. maybe that's what those families that split are called unlucky,fate or just god's unfairness?
okay.. dont know what im talking again.
yeah! uploaded some pictures. for my families that haven't saw yet (?):

not here(I mean M'sia), miss her

lil' devil cousin try to kill my sis and my cousin sis

hoohoo.. meet some of the family members.

Me sis and me
(of course Im not the gross one Im the ugly one)

Pretty cousin a.k.a THE cinderella-fairy-dancing-princess
she's the one that told me that, the name is kinda long
feel like less something but if im not wrong.

BIGG NEWS! me grandpapa is singing karaoke?!

far far there is me grandma and this is the medicine shop

still love my family.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

To Joe joe

J-O-E!!!!! (x2)
finally got time to visit your blog (but you've'd too many post. so you know me for so long laziness made me read the latest one only) and write to you, hope you get to see this-

wuddahell is goin' wrong with'cha this days?
Ei (which is "I" that I dont really like to pronounce it as "I") mean like being that psychotic isane maniac of you all this time after going to that damn idiot got probs-studentS and IS a problemo secondary school. you kinda change so much but so lil (dont know describe)
so how's it going in that psycho hospital eh? urh.. meant pycho" school.
these days you're suffering huh and you're like i-loved-my-parents-dont-want'em-hurt-'cause-of-me guy
stupido.. if you really love'em maybe you can discuss everydamnthing with'em?! ..maybe?
and lil did I know your sad-dy thingy
so have you overcome your lonely business already?
I so wish I can help you and accompanied you all this time
but the fact is I didnt.. apologize for that
if you're still alive must contact me.

ya right.. you just SMS-ed me (is that coincidence? or you stalk me?!!)

miss you sooooo much but damn I cant make it this Sat
and Im feeling kinda blue now.. =.T

now my status is half-holiday status
Oct no more school til Nov only school restart and its 4 damn days only.
how bored is that..
so hope that there's classes at school every damn holiday that can learn and understands more things * but not those sitting-on-the-chair-looking-at-the-whiteboard-until-buttachE lessons
if can, asked me and some like JE out this stupid HOLY-days
now you can see that im so heavenly nothing-to-do bored already yeah?

love ya.

yours a-lil-weirdy,