Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm Back!

Don't know what to write.
suddenly felt a bit weird that I'm writing again.
like writing to my compy. I mean my computer.
but anyway my only viewer would be YOU, that's right, you, MJ. I.. guess?
haha.. so, whatever.
I don't mind how bad my grammar is or how lil' vocab my dic had.
Just happy to tell you I have my blogy life back!!
it feels like writing to myself, the future self.
when the next time I see this, I can think a lot.
maybe I should just say hell-o to the future me.. HOLA, Zorr!
You're strong! You're optimistic! You're pretty inside!
Love you! from yourself.
How irritating. Joe, don't feel sorry, maybe I'm a lil' too too isolated from sosial-ing.
Envy those who are extrovert, so having fun, many friends.
but maybe I'd likd to have MJ and Zhai as my friends that's enough.
OMG, don't think that I'm a psychopath. I'm not a write-to-my-future-self-2-friends-only-weirdy-freak.
but there's a lazy worm crawling inside me, I just don't feel like talking or doing things that are good for someone when I don't even like to do so. I'm so tired sick of doing these.
so stubborn. a lot thinks I'm a weirdo maybe, cause I look fierce when I don't do anything to my face(?) and still I don't change that.
I thought I heard someone said that my face wrote a "don't talk to me" when I'm here desperately hoping that someone would come to talk to me with a heart, if they remember to bring one!
why did I wrote so much? I thought I was just going to say hi to future me and MJ...


Cloud said...

so suprising
zora finally update her frozen blog jorXP
anyway...welcome backX)
(erm...i dunno wat should i say so...welcome back loXP)

Mel said...

Hiyaaaaa. :D welcome back Zor! :D

psycho9412 said...

so shud i comment in da future?? haha XD y everytime dun reply my msg??!!!!

Xin le said...

don't even try to feel like that.
I'll go to your class and find Teh Zora d :)
Don't miss my bian-li-tie

HUIMIN said...

It's like one year already =.=

Natnat said...



paiseh. i'm a seldom blogger too=.=